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Jewelery and gemstones in the world, the Antwerp Diamond word to the world resonates with special meaning.
This means that the precision, absolute honesty, credibility,
Professional experience and hundreds of years of tradition, a high standard of achievement for all the factors and expensive jewelry, and that is the diamond.
For the 500-year history has been the city of Antwerp, the diamond-producing sector has occupied the chief position, superb skills, knowledge and professional level has been far beyond the purview of the same industry. .
The first diamond exchange in Antwerp, in "Diamantclub van Antwerp," was founded in 1893.
Currently, there are 32 diamond bourses worldwide, including four in Antwerp, Belgium is the only in the world, there are so many countries, the stock market.

Antwerp diamond trade has on the use of standard templates, locally produced diamonds represent higher technology, quality and confidence
Not only disappointment is the industry standard is the basis of many customers expect.
Due to the fact that most other diamond exchanges are based on their structure on the Antwerp market, which means that the majority of the original stone adhere to our strict standards from abroad arrive at Antwerp.

Today, all the diamonds in the rough world of Antwerp handled 80%, and all have a 50 percent cut diamonds through Antwerp.
It is established, and all polished diamonds of the highest international standard standard is "Antwerp cut" label.